Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Pots to Repot, Restore and Replant

Fall is always a "get as much done as you can" before the rains begin here on the North Coast. We have some rain coming our way this weekend according to the forecast. Then its run out and work on the weekends when its not raining, which can be few and far between.

I have a number of pots that need to be redone, plants pulled out and repotted with fresh soil or moved into a different pot. We have a tree that needs to be repotted into a bigger pot, this will be happening soon because the tree needs more space to grow and the current pot is beginning to seriously fall apart. I also have two pots with ferns in them. One has an asparagus fern and lots of weedy material, a pot the previous homeowner left and I have never repotted with new soil. Its out past the back yard flowerbed and needs to be dug out and redone. The fern is still thriving but it needs some new space and dirt. Unfortunately this pot (as are many of the pots the homeowner left behind) has no drainage holes.

Another pot that needs to be redone is my pot with hummingbird mint. I'm thinking that this might look good from a hanging basket and attract more hummingbirds to it at a higher level. This pot has also been innundated with fern seedlings that have started to overtake the pot. I'm actually looking forward to digging out the ferns from this pot, there are so many of them that they can be split and put back in this pot (I'm thinking about it) and the other half will go in the front yard planted on the far left of our house where not much is growing near the fence other than orange crocosmia bulbs. I dug up a few seeded ferns a year ago and planted them on the side of the holly tree that had no ferns in place and the two ferns have taken off and grown almost to full size already. I think a number of ferns would look great in that section of the yard since there are only a few sword ferns near the porch that I planted a few seasons ago. These feathery ferns are really gorgeous and will look great up near the house and should stand up to the multitude of crocosmia bulbs growing there.

Our large back yard flowerbed still sits ready to be torn down and redone. Its a big job because of the huge number of rocks that were used to create the flowerbed, making it the ideal place for weeds and problems to crop up. That means pulling out all the rocks, a long job which will take many weeks to complete. I'd like to redo the flowerbed building wood walls three feet or so up with a wide seating area on top for people or neighborhood cats to lounge on. I picture ferns, fuchsias and heathers taking up space in the new flowerbed once its ready, but I don't see it ready for a good year or so. There is always so much pruning to do in the garden we keep putting off this big project. Hopefully we can get a start on it this fall.

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