Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deer Resistant Plants For Your Garden – Part I

Reprinted from my gardeningbytes blog.

Looking for deer resistant plants for your garden? If you have deer grazing on your plants you know how frustrating it can be to have a garden that looks healthy. Here are a number of plants rated rarely damaged by deer that would be a good choice for your garden:

Angel’s Trumpet – Annual (all parts of plant are poisonous)
Annual Vinca – Annual ground cover
Autumn Crocus – Bulb
Barberry – Shrub
Bearberry – Ground cover
Bleeding Heart – Perennial (shade plant)
Blue Fescue – Ornamental grass
Butterfly Bush – Shrub
Cinnamon Fern – Fern
Foxglove – Biennial
Daffodils – Bulbs (bulb and leaves are poisonous when eaten)
Flowering Tobacco/Nicotiana – Annual
Heaths & Heathers – Shrub
Iris – Perennial bulb
Japanese Painted Fern – Fern

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