Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gardening Article: Gifts for Gardeners

How do Gardeners share their love and passion outside of their garden? The joy of soil between your fingers and sunshine on your back is hard to encapsulate in a present. Give the gift of nature to the special gardener in your life with handmade gifts created with flowers and plants. Here are some of my favorite handmade gifts that any nature lover would enjoy.

1. Pink-Purple Rose Geranium Pressed Flower Petal Necklace by IMPRESSED by Nature

What gardener wouldn’t love this beautiful unique necklace made out of real geranium flower petals? The artist, Kyla, selects real flower petals and presses them with a flower press she made herself and then she seals them in light-weight durable sealant that protects the petals and makes the petals’ true color last longer. Wearing this beautifully designed necklace will bring you closer to nature even though you are far from your garden. An avid gardener herself, Kyla grows many of the flowers she uses in her unique jewelry in Oakland, CA and sometimes she buys them from local flower farms. This holiday season, you can also save 20% off jewelry from IMPRESSED by nature.

2. Pressed Flowers Adjustable Ring by Pressed Flower Jewelry

Your gardener friend would love to wear a bouquet on their finger like this lovely ring made of a colorful variety of real flowers that were picked, dried and pressed in early summer and then sealed in clear resin. So many delicate flowers and leaves are captured and preserved in this ring, it’s like wearing a miniature garden on your finger. Just remember to remove your ring or cover your hands with gloves when you garden.

3. Velutina Hanging Air Plant Terrarium With Moss by Plantology

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with this simple and pretty hanging teardrop shaped terrarium that’s beautifully arranged with a Velutina air plant and lime green preserved moss. Any garden lover would appreciate this bubble of greenery to decorate their home especially during the stormiest of winter days. Michelle, the creator, graduated with a degree in horticulture and landscape architecture and her passion for garden design goes into each of her carefully cultivated terrariums.

Celebrate Mother Earth’s gifts with these handmade products inspired by nature and made with natural materials. Find that special unique gift that perfectly matches your gardener friend’s passion for cultivating flowers and nature.

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About the author: Rita Chu is the Community Manager for NerdWallet Indie, where shoppers can find Etsy coupon codes and save on fun and unique holiday gifts.

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