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Gardening Article: 10 Great Gifts for Gardeners

This year, the groundhog did not see his shadow, predicting an early spring. As gardeners in your life are itching to start their spring cleanup by pruning, planting and sowing seeds, surprise them with a gift that's sure to please. These gifts run the gamut in terms of cost, so there's bound to be something for everyone on your wish list. Consider these 10 gift ideas.

1. Gathering basket: Gathering baskets are perfect for safeguarding those fresh-cut flowers or just-harvested veggies. Gift an elegant, stylish modern or vintage gardening basket -- something your gardener may not already have and will almost certainly love.

2. Trimmers: Gardeners may have lawns with ragged edges because they don't want to mow too close to the garden bed. Enter trimmers, which allow gardeners to get up close to the garden bed without harming flowers. An electric or battery-powered trimmer should suffice for most home gardeners.

3. Garden signs: Plant tags are a practical necessity for seed-sown gardens. Look at craft fairs, upscale garden shops or online boutiques like Etsy to find unique plant tags that are works of art themselves.

4. Birdhouses: Give the gift of bird song by gifting a birdhouse or bird feeder. There are many attractive styles and shapes to choose from. If your gardener already has the basics, consider gifting a hummingbird feeder and nectar, or a handmade wooden birdhouse.

5. Gardening book: From fancy coffee table books to sturdy how-to manuals, gardening books run the gamut. Skip the basic books and choose a title that covers something practical and useful, such as square foot gardening, shade gardening or organic garden management.

6. Garden clogs: If your gardener's crocs are wearing out, upgrade to a new pair of gardening clogs or work shoes. The right pair of gardening should be waterproof, flexible and sturdy. If you plan to give shoes, know the right shoe size or get a gift receipt.

7. Gardening gloves: Gardening gloves receive a lot of wear and tear, since gardeners wear them for all tasks. Surprise your favorite gardener with a new pair of gloves. Look for gloves that are water resistant and offer padding on the fingers and palms. This prevents blisters that arise from holding equipment or tools. Tip: Choose machine washable gloves to score a home run with this gift.

8. Bulbs: What better what to signify that spring in on the way than with gift-wrapped bulbs. Classic spring bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils, are planted in the autumn months. Think ahead to summer with beautiful bulbs such as dahlia, calla lily, oriental lily or elephant ear.

9. Pocket pruners: Pruners rust when left in the rain and lose their sharp edge with repeated use. Consider getting existing pruners sharpened or replacing them with a new pair of pocket pruners. Gardeners reach for these to trim shrubs, cut flowers for the home and prune suckers off tomato plants.

10. Watering can: Watering cans wear down over time, as metal ones lose shape or develop a drip. While this seems like a simple gift, what gardener wouldn't enjoy a watering can that saves on labor of lugging buckets of water back and forth from the home to the deck? One to try includes the U Can watering can, which stores fertilizer and even reminds gardeners when it's time to fertilize plants again.

Find these gardening gifts and so many more at your favorite garden store. You just may find a new plant or gardening supply item for yourself while browsing, too.

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