Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Flowers for a Cottage Garden

Republished from my blog

Cottage gardens are a traditional English garden that has loose, flowing flowers instead of straight, ordered plantings. Cottage gardens often use annuals that reseed readily, adding to an already dense planting of flowers. Cottage gardens use plants ranging from annuals, perennials, roses, bulbs, vines, and shrubs for garden structure. Roses are always a good choice, particularly climbing roses. Place your roses on a trellis or archway leading into the garden. Foxgloves, lupines, hollyhocks, and delphiniums are all lovely plants with a tall vertical spires and beautiful flowers that will give structure to your cottage garden. For lower to mid-growing plants for your cottage garden bachelor's buttons, Canterbury bells, clematis, columbines, coneflowers, cosmos, dianthus, forget-me-nots, larkspur, nasturtiums, sweet pea, wallflowers, and pansies are good choices to fill the garden.

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