Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Grow Your Garden on a Budget

Republished from my blog

If you are on a tight budget but want to grow the size of your garden, use what you already have available in your garden. Think swapping seeds, plants, or bulbs either locally, or seek out gardening forums with swap sections on the site. You'd be surprised how much seed and bulbs are traded or given away by members who have too much in their garden. Seed swapping is as easy as a self-addressed, stamped envelope mailed for trading or receiving free seed. If you have an excess of seed or plants grow your own and sell them at a farmers market, or add to your own garden. Read up on how to propagate your own shrubs from cuttings, a little hormone powder, some baggies to create moisture, and you are on your way to creating new plants. If you aren't the best at saving seed or propagating via cuttings, sometimes taking a piece of plant, such as a fuchsia, is easy enough to root in a glass of water, it only requires patience. Do a little research online to find out how you can build on your garden, join gardening communities, and always be ready to learn more about gardening.

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