Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time for Trimming in the Spring Garden

We've been able to get out in the garden over the past few weeks and mowed the overgrown lawn. I did some trimming of the fuchsias in the back yard; these two-toned pink fuchsias grow really big and are covered with flowers during the summer months. My heather barrel near the dining room window is doing well; the heathers seem to be full-sized finally and are just the right size for the barrel. There have been some blooms but I'm hoping they will bloom better this coming year. The barrel in the back yard near the parking pad where our car is parked has herbs and heathers in it. Unfortunately the mint plant we planted is taking over the barrel so I'll need to move my other herbs and heathers sometime this spring or summer. I knew that mint can be invasive but we really wanted a mint plant and so we took a chance. We certainly will have plenty of mint! Our last mint plant was in a smaller pot and it never did much of anything but this spearmint plant is really growing fast. Just means we need an additional barrel for the back yard. I'm thinking I'll ask for a new birdbath for my birthday or Christmas this year, the old birdbath has always been a little too deep for most of the small birds to drink from. The birdbath's coating is peeling and it is looking pretty worn out at this point. I guess I've had it for a good fifteen to twenty years so it's done well for a cheapy birdbath. I've always wanted a mosaic birdbath so maybe I'll get one of those this year.

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