Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Old-Fashioned Sweet Peas are Blooming

I put a whole package of sweet peas in a plastic pot to grow last fall and the seeds did well and grew tall enough for me to plant them in the ground against the trellis next to the front porch. Since spring the sweet pea vines have been covered in flowers and continue to flower for a long period of time.

I've tried for years to get something to grow in that spot and it is finally looking great! The sweet peas are very fragrant and about five feet tall with pink and purple flowers, the vines are a little shorter than some sweet pea vines. I also planted a perennial variety of sweet peas around the same time in the back yard under my metal obelisk. The perennial sweet pea has less flowers but is a really tall vine and stretches all over the obelisk and fence behind it. I'm going to save seeds from both sweet pea varieties and try planting them in my front yard trellis boxes.

I have a red passionflower vine in each of the boxes that were planted last fall and neither vine is growing at all, really disappointing. Hopefully the sweet peas will grow so I have something blooming up the trellis. Hard to understand that passionflower vines grow like wild all through our front and back yards but can't grow in the trellis boxes. Considering the trellis boxes used to have passionflower vines growing in there its been frustrating to say the least, especially since we dug out the old dirt and added new dirt and time-released fertilizer for the boxes. Sure hope the sweet peas will grow there after I plant the seeds.

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