Wednesday, July 10, 2013

An Abandoned Tree in the Garden

I had an unusual thing happen a few weeks ago. We were headed up to see family in Crescent city last month on a weekend and as we walked out of the front door I saw a small pine-like tree in a pot on our front lawn. In fact the pot was placed on top of one of my big lavender plants and really dented the lavender which kind of ticked me off. It was odd to think that someone would drop off a plant on our lawn but they did so I put it behind the gate in the back yard.

The next day I took a closer look at the tree and placed it on our patio deck. It looks like someone was training the tree to look like a topiary, the two stems are wound together and the pine needles are above the mostly bare stem with a little umbrella of branches. Its actually a very pretty plant and so far has been doing well on the deck other than very windy days when it bends a little too much in the wind. I will leave the tree in the plastic pot since the pot is fairly big and let the tree grow as it will. Its a nice gift for me but whoever heard of abandoning a potted tree on someone's lawn?

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