Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Use Biodegradable Paper to Pot Up Seeds

Reprinted from my blog

Tired of all the plastic pots you use when planting seeds? A good way to plant seeds that then turn to seedlings to plant out is to use biodegradable pots made of paper. The pots can be planted in the ground when the seedling is ready as long as you have some holes in the bottom of the pot to help water drain out. This one stop method makes for less use of plastic pots. Paper is often used as part of compost and the paper pots will not harm your soil. If you can't find small paper pots or pots made of other biodegradable materials in local stores you have some items in your home that will work in the garden. Toilet paper rolls and egg cartons are made of cardboard, these simple household items can be used to plant seeds in and then plant your seeds directly into the ground. Once again be sure to have some holes in your egg carton and cut up the individual egg container sections so you can plant out each seedling without disturbing the root system. Place the toilet roll holders on top of a plastic tray since they have no bottom, from there it will be easy to transfer and plant into the ground. You can size the toilet rolls to shorter plant containers as needed.

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