Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Plants for Hanging Baskets - Part II

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Plant herbs in a hanging basket for a unique take on colorful baskets. Choose a large basket for maximum space for your herbs and choose lower growing herbs with a few taller herbs that will fit within the basket height. Thyme is a must for soups and will work well for the edging of the herb basket. Choose one or two taller plants for the center of the basket such as basil, cilantro, coriander or sage. A variegated purple sage will look wonderful in the herb basket. Rosemary may be too heavy to include in a basket unless you grow it for a short time and repot it afterwards into its own pot. Chives are short with rounded pink flowers and make a good edging plant or to mix with other short herb plants. Oregano and marjoram are good herb choices for cooking and will fill out an herb basket in the center. Winter Savory is another great herb for beans or soups. You can use edible plants like nasturtiums to add color and fill out your basket. An herb basket is not only beautiful but ideal for fresh herbs as you cook. Hang your basket in the back yard outside your kitchen for quick access when cooking. Hanging baskets need the same attention as container plants, water them regularly as they dry out quickly and are often dried out from wind where they are positioned.

Lemon Balm
Winter Savory

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