Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Plants for Hanging Baskets - Part III

Republished from my blog

Here is a selection of unusual plants and vegetables you won't always see in hanging baskets. Start up with vegetables in hanging baskets. You can plant cherry or grape tomatoes in hanging baskets, small peppers, or even strawberries. Herbs can be planted in baskets. Thyme is perfect for edging the basket, chives with their pink blossoms reseed readily, taller herbs can be placed in the center of the basket like rosemary, sage, oregano or tarragon. Place your herb basket outside your kitchen door for easy access when cooking. Some other interesting choices for hanging baskets include coleus, small orchids or succulents to make an interesting basket of color. A display of one plant is striking, baskets filled with all fuchsias, hanging begonias, lobelia, geraniums, allysum, bacopa, petunias, violas, and ferns are striking to look at. Dwarf bulbs can be used for colorful baskets that hang low enough to see the basket at eye level. Choose bulbs tall enough to show over the edge of the baskets, such as dwarf tulips and daffodils, crocus, babiana, grape hyacinth, etc. Hanging baskets need the same attention as container plants, water them regularly as they dry out quickly and are often dried out from wind where they are positioned.

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