Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gardening Article: Five Reasons why a Garden Pond will Benefit Your Home

Thinking of installing a pond into your garden? Here are five benefits that you’ll get from adding a little mini sanctuary in your own back yard!

1) Environmental Benefits:

A small garden pond is a fairly low-maintenance garden element; it uses less water than a lawn and requires less energy and water consumption to keep it looking beautiful. It also attracts plant and animal life, creating a safe haven, rather than taking away from the natural environment. Additionally, the pond can serve as shelter for wildlife. The pond also provides food through the plants you add around the pond, helping any habiting animals thrive.

DID YOU KNOW: It’s thought that a pond can actually offer outdoor “air conditioning” through its ability to create evaporative cooling. This provides a great, natural way to stay cool outdoors!

2) Ambiance Benefits:

The sound and sight of running water is a delight to the ears and eyes, creating a sensory experience. The pond’s water sounds can mask other manmade sounds (such as street traffic) to improve relaxation in the garden.

3) Educational Benefits:

For your family and friends, the pond can become a great educational experience, especially the first-hand contact with all types of living things that are attracted to living in the watery habitat. You might see dragonflies, frogs, toads, pond snails, zooplankton, snakes water beetles, mayflies and all types of birds visiting your pond. These critters and animals come in search of a home and food, plus they use the bathing facilities. Meanwhile, you get the joy of watching nature in its element, plus an opportunity to teach the youngsters about how the ecosystem works.

4) Social Benefits:

A pond can create a great talking point for your family and friends, providing hours of entertainment. The garden pond can even become a focal point at a backyard barbecue or dinner party, becoming part of the decorations - especially if you have highlighted it with solar powered LED lighting or garden ornaments (we love strings of mirrors that twinkle as they reflect the sunlight).

A beautiful pond can offer intangible feelings of relaxation, as you have effectively created a little sanctuary in your backyard.

TIP: Building a pond with the family can bring you all closer together too. Finally, we bet your neighbors will comment on your pond-building efforts and compliment your beautiful garden once its finished!

5) Value Benefits:

Some research suggests that a garden pond can increase the property value of your home. While this may hold true for those buyers who would enjoy having a pond, it’s important to remember that not every buyer is looking for the commitment and responsibility of maintaining a pond.

A garden pond will ensure your house stands out against other comparable houses, which will make a difference to a potential buyer who truly appreciates the beauty of that beautiful garden pond and a little natural sanctuary.

The garden pond can also add to the curb appeal and accentuate the finer features of your home’s architecture as well as offer the advantage of a low-maintenance yard that so many busy families can greatly appreciate.

On all fronts, it is hard to find any downside to having a garden pond!

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About the author: This article was written by Carly on behalf of Swallow Aquatics. When not writing, Carly enjoys training her first 5K race and walking her two cute doggies.

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