Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Fall Coastal Garden

The annual heather trip was great as usual. I picked up about seven heathers with colorful foliage of orange, red, green and brown. One of the heathers has white flowers, something a little different for the garden. The property has tons of heaths and heathers planted in the field and a lot of fruit trees, including numerous apple trees and a fig tree. There is a beautiful tall blue spruce that sits near the apple trees too. It is a lovely location out in the country and a nice way to take a moment to relax and enjoy the fall weather. I plan on planting the newly bought heathers in another barrel, this time I'd like to set a barrel right next to the back steps so I can see the heathers when I take a break on the deck.

We've got lots of pruning to do before the rainy season starts in November. The kiwi vines are way overgrown so that's the next job on my list in the garden, along with finishing up cutting back the front yard roses. The curly willow tree has grown so big it shades most of one side of the front yard. The drooping cherry tree has gotten wider and taller, I don't think it will ever be over six feet tall, which is the perfect size for our front yard. The drooping cherry tree is full of leaves this year and bloomed quite a bit more this spring. I think this is the first year it has looked this good since we moved here. What is really unusual is that the drooping cherry tree usually starts to drop its leaves in early October, here we are towards the end of the month and only a few leaves have dropped.

The three October Glory Maple trees planted in our front sidewalk are coloring very slowly this October. It could be because they are getting taller and older and perhaps the leaves and color will stay a bit longer on the trees, at least that's what I'm hoping for. The trees usually drop their leaves entirely by the end of October. The maple trees were planted by a city beautification group and we were happy to have three planted in front of our house. For me there is nothing more pleasing in the fall garden than watching leaves change color as the weather turns cold.

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