Wednesday, October 9, 2013

YesComUSA Flexible Expandable Water Hose Review

YesComUSA was kind enough to send me a free Flexible Expandable Water Hose for review. You've seen this expandable hose hawked on TV for the 25 foot size at $24.99 (YesComUSA's price is $14.99) price point. YesComUSA has the 75 foot version of the hose on sale at $39.99, the market price is regularly $54.99, which is a great deal!

I was eager to test out this flexible garden hose. I received the Flexible Expandable Water Hose via UPS, it was packaged in a short box and securly wrapped. When opening the package the Flexible Expandable Water Hose was in excellent shape, the hose was wrapped in plastic with detailed instructions for using the garden hose, and the green color was the same as the photos of the product online.

The Flexible Expandable Water Hose is extremely lightweight and easily affixes to the water spout and my watering wand. The garden hose fittings for the threaded end of the gardening hose are black and fit both the water spout and attached to my watering wand perfectly. The top part of the hose fitting has a lever to control water output. The hose is small and lightweight for storage, when it becomes filled with water it expands easily and stretches to 75 feet long. One note on this, if you are looking for a quick spurt of water it takes 30 seconds or so for the hose to fill up for spraying and the same for it to release the water once you turn off the water.

The best part is the hose is still very lightweight, making watering the garden and storage of the hose a cinch. The material feels very sturdy once it is filled with water and does not kink. Anyone who waters their garden by hand knows what a PAIN it is when the hose kinks and you are halfway down the lawn watering and have to trudge back to unkink the hose. You'll never have this problem with kinks with this expandable hose. I also noticed the water flow through my watering wand was much better using this hose. I highly recommend the Flexible Expandable Water Hose for gardeners who want easy hose storage, a lightweight hose when watering and no more hose kinks when you water! If you are interested in the 25 foot version of this hose you can check it out on their gardening equipment page.

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