Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Woodland Plants for Your Garden Part III

Republished from my blog

Ferns are one of the most beautiful plants for the woodland garden. There are many different kinds of ferns, each with its own pattern in leaves and delicate sway in the wind. Ferns are a fantastic addition to your shady garden area and some do well in partial sun. Evergreen color in the garden can be an easy choice to make when it comes to ferns. Some ferns die back in winter but others stay green all year long depending on climate.

Sword Fern
Common Polypody Fern
Hart’s Tongue Fern
Five Fingered Fern
Golden Shield Fern
The King Fern
Japanese Holly Fern
Japanese Painted Fern
Sensitive Fern
Parsley Fern
Maide Fern
Soft Shield Fern
Shaggy Shield Fern
Male Fern
Chilean Hard Fern
Silver Lady Fern

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